Kiss Pinball Review (Old Review)

Music stars, first the music, then the fans and the amount of CD’s brought and downloads downloaded, then the merchandise and starring in adverts, but then there are video games, I’m not talking about dancing or singing with the singers on screen, I’m mean the games based on music stars years ago when you actually did something, and I mean proper gaming.

So in my PlayStation library I found a pinball game with the license of rock band Kiss on it and I realised this is one of those games that I’m talking about. I don’t know a lot about Kiss other than they made rock music, it probably made parents angry of their existence at the time and the band loved nothing more than face painting.

The Story
Since there isn’t kind of a story…well there is…right let’s start of with the tables, you get two tables, Last Stop Oblivion and Netherworld (that’s it, 2 tables!), Oblivion is…I assume that it’s a Kiss tour, it’s about touring and selling merchandise and stuff. Netherworld is a hellish setting where Kiss are in the Netherworld and they want to take over some place from an evil demon…I don’t get it I’m not the rock music expert.

Now everyone should know what the basis of pinball is; flip a ball round, bounce around the components and make sure you don’t drop it between the flippers. There have been some great pinball games that emulate the mechanics and they make it fun like Epic Pinball and Pinball Illusions, but for the mechanics for Kiss Pinball are terrible. The problem is is that the ball is both heavy and very bouncy and on top of that, the tables are small, especially Oblivion, it’s a very cramped table and adding to the ball mechanics, it bounces so fast you can’t track the ball and you end up dropping it between the flippers and the only way you’re ever going to keep in is continuously pressing the flippers.

It’s not as fun and it’s aggravating trying to look at the ball constantly then losing focus as it goes too fast. There are 4 modes for each table, arcade, novice, tournament and regular, they’re pretty much the same but some will give you more saved balls and that’s not a joke, it’s just that you’ll last longer than some modes and in different modes you can do objectives, don’t tell me which one it’s just pinball, why do pinball games need objectives.

Now I’m not a listener to rock music or Kiss, the music is pretty good and it’s memorable, I’m not sure if Kiss made this music or just music made by computers and Kiss just signed a contract to allow their likeness in a video game, I think there was another Kiss game but I don’t know about it so let’s move on.

This was mediocre, not a great pinball game, not even fun at all, the mechanics are crap and it feels rushed. It’s not the worst licensed game in the world as I know they are far worse (cough…Dr Who…cough) but I wouldn’t call it great, it’s just a rushed pinball game that at least you can play for about 5 minutes before playing something else.

You can get it for PlayStation.

Rating: 2/5



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