Animal Crossing: Wild World (Old Review)

As a gamer I try my best to cater myself to all game genres, and I mean really try, my types of games are mostly ones that engrosses me into it.

One day I was in CeX trying to find my little sister a DS game to keep her entertained, my objective was to find the most childish game suitable for her age, so I picked up Animal Crossing: Wild World because it looked the most childish. She played it and got frustrated, so I picked it up and played for myself, turns out I played it more than her as I got so into a game that looks like something a five year old would play, so let’s take a look at this engrossing game.

The Story
Well there isn’t kind of a story but, no, there isn’t any story, in fact it’s up to you to make your own story as this is a social simulator game.

Game play
You wake up in a scenario similar to a survival horror game, in a bus where you meet up with the driver, who is an anthropomorphic animal, who asks you questions which you have to answer, when you go to the town you chose the name for you will have a new identity and face depending on the questions you asked so if you want to have a face that makes you cool you have to give specific answers, check out a strategy guide on the internet to help you because after you get the specific face of your choice you can’t change it.

You go around the town before meeting up with the infamous Tom Nook, he will give you a house in exchange for jobs to do around the town and after completing the jobs you are then able to do whatever you want, even use Nook’s store to buy goods when you have the bells; your town’s currency, however you will have to pay mortgage (teaching kids how to pay mortgage to the Man, one DS at a time). But it is a simple teaching tool to learn if you’re a child with no knowledge of what that thing your parents have to pay to stay in their home and not get debt.

Now, about the friends you’ll meet, all of the friends you meet are anthropomorphic animals, no humans in sight apart from your character, sometimes it’s a bit scary when a squirrel fancies you but if you’re a fan of the furries then I’m not the person to judge.

Most of the animals you’ll talk to are pigs, a rabbit, a dog, cat, porcupine, racoon (Tom Nook) and many more, I only played it for a few months and I really want to play it again when my sister gives me it back, even though she never plays the darn game, as this is pretty much a yearly experience because there is a lot of stuff to experience, exploring the town will take about three minutes.

You have to communicate with the people all the time to gain respect, nothing will happen but at least you get to know them. But there will
come a time when one of your friends decide to leave the city…with their house, because…Nintendo logic?

You can fish to add to your fish collection, but as I say again it is a yearly experience and the fact that there is a lake, a river and an ocean at the far bottom of the town so not only will they’ll be different fish in those three areas but they’ll be different fish every month depending on what fishes they are.

You can grow flowers and water them, you can catch bugs and like the fish will depend on what season it is. You can pick up trash and throw it in the recycling bin (EXTREME). you can buy a shovel and dig in weird holes on the ground for either fossils, a ball with an ! mark on it.

There is a museum where you can send your fish, paintings, fossils or insects to a owl curator whom you want to punch in the face because he opened a museum to the public without anything to display and it’s up to you to collect stuff for the museum. This is optional but it’s something to do and you’ll get rewarded by seeing the stuff you collected on display (if you’re expecting money then you’re a greedy guts).

Now about bells, the currency in this game, to get some you can get it from friends or to get a lorra’ money (sorry for the Liverpudlian phrase) you can shake trees and big bags of money may drop or items (a smart reference to money doesn’t grow on trees), but be careful though as a beehive might come out from one or two of them and will sting you so you have to either quit the game and go back to the game or get medicine (it’s funny cause it’s you’re likely to die in real life from bee stings).

There is a ton of stuff I haven’t explained because this has gone far too long and there is loads to do in the game.

This is again a very engrossing game, highly interactive, having a choice to either move your character with a directional pad or the DS pen is great, game play is simple for all ages and the town is colourful and friendly.

The animal friends while they are animals can be believable at times, these are people you can relate to and they share nice stories, it gives you and the character a chance to live in a world where everything is almost friendly, gives a blend of interactive gaming and realism, especially the mortgage part, but it works well. As I say this is suitable for all ages, as this is Nintendo anyone can play it.

But during game play I realise it’s has similar traits to The Sims, so in a kids mind this is a beginner’s Sim game. It’s the best and a memorable social Sim game, plus it’s now made me want to get the sequel Animal Crossing: City Folk for the 3DS.

You can get it on the Nintendo DS.

Rating: 4.5/5


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