Super Mario Land (The First Ever Review)

As a child I never had much consoles (just the Playstation and a Game Boy Advance) but I was happy with what I had. After I told someone that I had a Game Boy Advance with Finding Nemo (a big regret) they gave me Super Mario Land which would pretty much work on my GBA and was the best experience I had for a while so I’m gonna tell you about it.

The Story

This story is basically identical to Super Mario Bros, instead an alien named Tatanga takes over Sarasaland (because the Mushroom Kingdom didn’t sound trippy enough) and kidnapps Princess Daisy (that other princess that actually does a good job in ruling her kingdom as it’s only been invaded once while the Mushroom Kingdom as been attacked more times than I had hot dinners) so it’s up to…you know who to rescue Daisy in four worlds with three levels each, pretty much half of the original Super Mario Bros but I can understand this due to the limitations of the Game Boy at the time.

The Gameplay

This just plays out like any other Mario game, jump to kill, super mushroom to get high…oh! I mean taller. The fire flower enables you to throw superballs and will also kill enemies whilst bouncing off everywhere and collecting coins for you (ever notice there’s rarely any games that has bullets bouncing around after being shot, think about the multikills you would get). The star power-up is back and that’s it and for the first time (and I assume only time) in a Mario game that you can ride a submarine and an aeroplane in R-Type like levels; I like this because it changes the pace from the usual walk from a to b while killing enemies over and over again. The bosses are easy but have a little challenge if you are a child but as a teen it’s easy. Oh and the game trolls you at the end of each boss thinking you saved daisy only to discover it’s one of the villians (and so Nintendo continues to troll kids by having an anti-climatic ending at the end of the boss levels, sorry but the princess is waiting to be saved in another world).


This is probably my favourite Game Boy game (I never played the sequel so HUSH) it delivers everything from the original SMB while being entierly original itself. The gameplay is the same, the story is different and set somewhere else. It might not be the most good looking game due to the fact it was the first ever game released for the Game Boy so graphics look better over the tenure of the handheld device. But it’s just pure fun on a Game Boy even if the fun can be beaten in an hour, Super Mario Land is worth putting in your Game Boy Collection

You can probably pick it up in next to nothing and you can get it for 3DS on virtual console.

Verdict: 4/5


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