So I got another Ratalaika Game to cover, it’s a rather simple game, too simple to cover via YouTube.

Daggerhood, developed by Woblyware Oy and published by Ratalaika Games, it was released very recently for most current consoles.


Vincent D. Daggerhood is the world’s most notorious thief, but finally got caught, is made like Frisk and dropped into a cave for his crimes. His objective is to get out of the cave in order to steal the King’s gold.

The game is a platformer, in fact, is very similar to League of Evil. You go left, go right, jump, double jump and wall jump, along with power-ups during the game. There are five worlds and 100 levels and before you realise that’s probably too many levels, each are short and can be finished in seconds.


In the game, you collect treasure, five each in a level, along with a fairy, but you have to catch the fairy before it disappears so you need to be quick. But to add to the challenge, you must collect all the treasure, and the fairy, AND do it very, very quickly in order to get a three-star rank.

But there’s a gimmick, for your sword serves two purposes. You throw it at enemies and you use it to teleport to hard-to-reach areas. It’s easy to use but absolutely hard to master.


In fact, a lot of the game reminds me of League of Evil, but it’s a very challenging game, trial and error is its cup of tea in the morning, and yet, I wasn’t annoyed by it. Nearly all my deaths felt like it was my fault…well after you know how each level works, because you’re going to die the first times you play a level before you get it right.

I like the game in the same manner that you play it for short periods of time, because it does feel repetitive, do that and you might get a fulfilling experience, unlike League of Evil since it was a port of a PC flash game, this has some more polish to it. Also, the game has bosses…they’re hard, that is all.


The graphics…well I’m not a fan of it. It looks dull, boring and the use of the retro graphics don’t help much, it’s lacking very much, like League of Evil, it lacks identity and most worlds blend together. The music has NES retro style chiptunes, and it’s boring and forgettable and I’m disappointed in that regard.

Overall, Daggerhood is a tough game but works really well as a result, the trial and error can be a detriment to some but for those who want a serious challenge, this should be right up your alley, and it’s dirt cheap. Give it a go if you have the guts for it.

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