Autumn 2018 Update: Neglectfulness!

Hi, Froban here…and not The Every Gamer to an extent.

If you happened to stumble upon this without me sharing it on social media, then you may have took the time to stay here and read my stuff, in which case, thanks.

Now September has been a massive overhaul and for good reason. But to start off, you may have noticed that I haven’t been sharing my blog reviews lately, and as a result, they don’t get any views like they used to.

The reason for this you may ask? YouTube! Yep, I’ve been busy on YouTube (well I’ve been a YouTuber for a while now) and I do reviews there as well as here…at the expense of neglecting HERE. The reason why I haven’t been sharing my blog reviews? Welp, like Araki, I forgot. I’ve been so into YouTube that I completely forget that I ever had this in the first place, and it’s sad. But also understandable, considering that blogging is a niche thing these days, YouTube gives me a bigger audience provided my videos are good.

Now let me be clear, I’m not shitting on blogging, nor am I completely ditching blog reviews, I meet a lot of great people here, it’s just something I never realised and I had to think about it for a while, it’s weird.

It all started when I reviewed Hokuto no Ken games in a month on YouTube and I became so busy with that to the point where I not only did I ignore the blog, I changed dates of publication for some of them so they didn’t conflict with the video reviews, and after the marathon was done, I forgot about the blog anyway.

I’m the only person to blame here, I really need to continue work here as well as on YouTube, but it’s just that YouTube has given me a chance to do a bit more than I ever could here, with a bigger reach (despite having 77 subs), but I don’t want to abandon this blog.

I’ll hopefully try to set things right and I hope you enjoy reading my reviews.

So, for other updates? Well the Tuesday reviews is coming to an end, it’ll just be back to one per Saturday UNLESS there’s a marathon, recently, Devil May Cry got its due in time for the fifth installment next year, but Bayonetta will also be a part of it because they were birthed from the same demonic tree.

The first half of November will be dedicated to Adventure Island, which will be the final marathon this year unless anything changes. 2019 will start with a marathon and February will be the final Zelda Month so remind yourself.

So apologies if you weren’t informed like the good old days, I hope to rectify it.

Thanks for reading!


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